From June 19-23, a team from the World Bank conducted a Jobs Diagnostics Mission in Cambodia and during that time the group met with Mr. Pierre Tami to learn more about the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia.

The objectives of this missions were to:

  • Identify the primary constraints and barriers to creating more and better jobs in the country;
  • Engage the private sector to identify the types of firms, value chains, markets, and export patterns that are connected with better jobs today and in the future.

Because the ACAC is a leader in this particular area, the delegation was invited for meetings and lunch. ACAC leaders were able to provide important input and help identify measures to spur the creation of more good jobs and upgrading the quality of current jobs.

The meeting included:

Dr. Wendy Cunningham (Lead Economist, Social Protection, and Labor)

Dr. Claire Hollweg (Economist, Trade, and Competitiveness)

Ms. Johanne Buba (Senior Economist, Jobs)

Ms. Une Lee (Senior Private Sector Specialist)

Mr. Lan Van Nguyen (Senior Economist, Private Sector Development)

Mr. Pierre Tami (Founder & CEO of the ACAC)

The images above show Mr. Pierre Tami taking the delegation on a tour of ACAC facilities and meeting with the group on issues of job creation.