Finding the right successor to carry forward an organization’s vision and values is an enormous undertaking. How does an organization’s founder and leadership identify the right person who will espouse the entity’s essence and ethos, while casting a picture of what the future could hold?

Pierre Tami, the social entrepreneur and founder, knew too well that to sustain the work of the Shift360 foundation he needed the right type of DNA to succeed him.

As Pierre strategically seeks to play a more strategic role as chairman of the board, identifying the right CEO was critical. Pierre and the Shift360 Board were looking for two key qualities in the next leader: an individual with a genuine love for Cambodian people and someone with deep experience and knowledge of both the private and development sectors.

Lisa Cheong quickly rose to the top of the list.

Originally from Canada, Lisa’s 34-year career has spanned a range of companies and non-profit organizations across the globe. Her diverse experience includes investment banking, emerging markets, international development programming, business mentorship, and leading two anti-trafficking organizations. Lisa has worked with world-renowned entities including GIZ, USAID, UNCDF, and Ratanak International.

For the past 12 years, Lisa has lived and worked in Cambodia, though she first visited the country as a volunteer in 2000. Now, Lisa speaks conversational Khmer and considers Cambodia her heartland.

Lisa’s driving personal mission is to address economic and social inequalities through a shared value approach. Whether she was consulting, managing projects, or leading an organization as country director, the focus of Lisa’s work has always been to foster an inclusive business approach that delivers innovative and systemic solutions to impoverished, vulnerable, and marginalized communities.

It was Lisa’s holistic view of development and transformation that caught the eye of the Shift360 Board.

“Lisa has business acumen, decades of development sector experience, and a deep understanding of how government and the private and non-profit sectors must collaborate to transform systems of inequalities,” says Pierre. “Lisa is the right person to lead Shift360 into the future as she demonstrates a strong conviction and passion for the youth and women of this country.”

Lisa was appointed CEO of Shift360 in April 2023 and is working with Pierre, who remains Chairman of the board, to create a vision and action plan for the organization.

I am grateful for this incredible opportunity,” Lisa says. “I look forward to being part of this dynamic and innovative organization where we will build on the foundations established by Pierre and his extensive experience to achieve greater impact and create a more just and inclusive world.”