Seven students studying on scholarship at the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia


In September, seven students began studying at the Academy with the Naomi Tami Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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“I came here to study because I heard from my chef that this is a very high-quality school with good trainers from abroad and they have good experience,” one student said.

“I was surprised to see the library and computers and the brand new equipment. It’s the only place in all of Cambodia to find something so new and modern.”

Raising the bar on hospitality standards

“I was surprised to see how organized the Academy is,” one student commented.

The professionalism and international standards of the Academy have made their mark.

Another student appreciates the Academy’s high standards and regulations for behaviour. “They make the students respectful,” they said. “I like the hygiene and I also like how to prepare and organize the stations and organize the VIP food.” 

Learning the right technique with food is crucial in the journey to become a chef.

“I know the different equipment in the kitchen,” one student said, “and also the technical words in the kitchen.” 

“I like the technical preparation of food and pastry,” said another.

But soft-skills are also a critical component for the Academy’s education, and it has left its mark on the students.

“I like to learn about relationships and work with the team,” one student said.

All seven of the students have enjoyed studying with foreigners. It helps them improve their English, but they also have learned a lot from different cultures. The international students are kind to them and the students feel they are also teaching valuable things to their foreign colleagues.

There’s a first time for everything 

“I like spaghetti and salad – I’ve never had them before I my life,” said one student.

“It’s the first time I ever ate polenta,” said another.

All seven students had never tried lamb before, so it was a new experience for everyone studying at the Academy.

Big dreams for the future

Studying at the Academy has opened the doors of future possibility for each student, allowing them to dream big dreams about life and career once they graduate.

Each of the seven scholarship students would like the chance to work outside of Cambodia, gaining valuable international experience.

All five of the women wish to open their own restaurants, while one of the men hopes to become a famous chef, and the other would like to be a corporate chef and organize large events.

Donate to the Naomi Tami Memorial Scholarship Fund (via PayPal) today and give many more Cambodian students the gift of post-secondary education.