Students, including scholarship recipients, return from internship to finish their last series of classes at ACAC.

As seven scholarship students returned from their first year internships and settled back into classes at the Academy, one thing was evident: they all experienced transformation.

From practicing English every day in the workplace, to working with a professional chef and kitchen team, to gaining increased self-confidence, each of the scholarship students felt their lives had improved and changed during their internships.

“I want young people to join ACAC. Before, I was a weak person. When I faced problems, it was very tough and I felt very negative and depressed. But in ACAC, I learned how to solve the problems. Now I have become stronger. In my next internship I want to go to Japan. The Academy changed us a lot and made me a better person. At ACAC, I met lots of people and it is fantastic.” – *Sreyna, interned at Khema La Poste Restaurant in Phnom Penh.