I thought to introduce a place on the website where I can share the topics that are at the heart of SHIFT360.  This will be a place to post how we think, what we think, and why we think that way. I’d like to expose the current issues and debates – get them out of our minds and office space and share it with, well, all of you. Furthermore other influential and successful ‘change makers’ will be invited to share their minds too – to divulge the information out of their minds, put it into words, and share it with the rest of us. I’d like to challenge ourselves; putting ourselves into a discussion of things we would like to see happen and of changes that we would like to come.

I believe we need to rethink poverty and social justice; therefore a paradigm shift is needed in order to bring solutions to some of the world’s social and economic problems. Creating wealth and access to skills, unleashing entrepreneurial spirit so people can rise from poverty and vicious circles of injustices. I want to focus on utilizing new tools and applying new instruments to the current problems, which inherently can only yield different results. Without a paradigm shift, without trying new and different approaches we will more than likely end up with the same results, or just accept the status quo. To change the world one venture at a time, we need more creativity, and most important, innovative leadership to create more prosperous and just societies. When we start thinking outside the box and march into uncharted territory, people will comment, as they have done in my experience, “you are out of your mind!’ Yes indeed, we are out of my minds!” We have to be out of our minds if we dare to make a change. Therefore join us in talking about: enterprise, investment, wealth, partnerships across all sectors of society, human dignity, network, productivity and ultimately freedom – – for freedom is not free!

Pierre Tami