“I am happy to be here. I see so many new things! My dream is to be a chef in a hotel. I want to have experience, and then start my own business. I have big dreams.” – Sok Panha 

Sok Panha is a scholarship student who just began her first semester at the ACAC on October 15.

For the newest scholarship students attending ACAC, it is far more than just an education. This is a chance for them to dream about their future and then actively, rigorously, pursue that dream.

Each student is humble and extremely hard working. Many scholarship students exhibit the famous “dream” concept – that driving motivation that moves all of us from the present towards doing great things in the future.

It is inspiring and very encouraging to see dreams and goals for the future expressed in first year scholarship students who come from extremely impoverished backgrounds. Despite being desperately poor, these students are dreaming big dreams and aspire to a better future with dignity and want to move beyond their current situation.