Somaly, Kim Fong and Monireth just started their culinary journeys at the ACAC on scholarship.


As a new semester launched at the ACAC, three new scholarship students, Somaly, Kim Fong and Monireth, took their first steps towards future careers as chefs.

The start of the future

Somaly’s Story

“I have learned a lot of new things in the first two weeks. We also learn a lot from each other.

“It really motivates me to study hard because I want to work as a chef abroad, it is my aspiration. 

“Of course, being away from my family is challenging. At the beginning I felt alone, staying in new accommodation, trying transport in Phnom Penh. The city is different from my home town. But I am getting used to it. It was also challenging to eat all this new foreign food, but I am getting used to it. I have managed all these changes well. I really enjoyed the experience of eating salmon for the first time in my life! I really like it.” 

Kim Fong’s Story 

“It’s hard for me because my English is still poor; so, it is challenging. I learned today how to cut vegetables with different knives on different boards. 

“I like the rules and the discipline here, not like in the schools I went to before. It is very strict here, but I relate well with others and am getting good experience from people around. I enjoy eating every day here at the academy. The food is different from what I am used to, but I also understand that the food is very healthy here.” 

Monireth’s Story

“I came to the ACAC from an NGO and now I am out on my own. When I first started, I felt scared at the beginning with new people and with nobody I know here. But now I am making a lot of friends and it is good. 

“The academy is really good. I knew about baking from when I learned back at the NGO, but here I learn a lot about cooking meals. The kitchen here is big, impressive and so clean and modern. I really enjoyed eating chicken salad for the first time here!” 


The Naomi Tami Memorial Scholarship has now successfully funded 11 students as they study at the Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia.

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