Millions of Ukrainians, mothers, children, young girls are fleeing, scared and afraid.

We are not afraid to meet them, help them and share our humanity.
We are not scared to give!

Shift360 battles fear with love and care by helping a number of agencies welcoming
Ukrainians in shelters, providing warmth, food and medicines.

This is personal, give today!


Our hearts are broken, we are shocked at everything that is going on in Ukraine.

We’re horrified that at this exact moment, there are millions of women and children
fleeing from bomb attacks with no place to go and without shelter.

They are all homeless, feeling the intense winter cold, thirsty, hungry and, most of all, fearing for their lives.

They had to leave everything behind to save their lives and are now suddenly refugees.

We can’t just watch, we have to do something about it!

Shift360 is supporting Shakthar Social Foundation in providing shelters and
humanitarian help that is urgently needed for the desperate people of Ukraine.

I’m making a donation and would like you to join me and my family to support the
Ukrainian people who are suffering.

Let’s donate to SHIFT360 and help these innocent children and families.

You can help with any amount today.

Ukraine needs your support

Taras Stepanenko

FC Shakhtar Donetsk

Donate by Bank Transfer

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Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal News

Orphaned Boys Find a New Life

Orphaned Boys Find a New Life

Russian bombs fell on the home of Ilya (11) and Nikita Kalimbet (7), who lived in Popasna in the Luhansk region of Ukraine, killing their mother and completely destroying the town. The boys were also severely injured in the explosions. As orphans, they are now being...

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Healing the Wounds of the Mind

Healing the Wounds of the Mind

Like many Ukrainian children, Russian bombs and shells have made Ilya Kostushevich, 6, an orphan. His mother died when Mariupol was attacked continuously for three months and no one knows where his father is. All his other family members have been killed. Ilya’s...

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