FC Shakhtar continues to provide comprehensive assistance to migrants in the Lviv Oblast

Every day, the staff of the club divisions participate in ensuring smooth operation of the central humanitarian aid warehouse in the Lviv Oblast. Over this period, they unloaded dozens of trucks with humanitarian goods, sorted and packed hundreds of tons of cargoes that have been forwarded to many towns and villages across Ukraine affected by the war.

Equipping a college for migrants

In addition, the club specialists have carried out a significant amount of work to restore power supply systems in more than 120 residential and educational premises of the Agricultural College in the village of Vyshnia, Lviv Oblast, where students of one of Kharkiv’s universities have been accommodated temporarily.

Humanitarian cargoes continue to arrive

Shakhtar actively helps the Centre for Support of Internally Displaced Persons at the Arena Lviv, where migrants from different regions of Ukraine are arriving. In recent days, several trucks with humanitarian goods from DTEK have been received and processed.

Targeted assistance to those in need

During the week, FC Shakhtar staff have delivered humanitarian aid to six separate institutions specially equipped for temporary stay of people from the affected regions of Ukraine. The humanitarian goods include bedding, electrical appliances, food, water, personal care items, household chemicals and a lot more.


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Shift 360 battles fear with love and care by helping Shakhtar Social Foundation welcoming Ukrainians, internally displaced people (IDPs), mothers, children, and young girls are fleeing, scared and afraid (because of war) in shelters, providing warmth, food, and medicines in Shelter Centre.

We are not afraid to meet them, help them and share our humanity. We are not scared to give!


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Shakhtar delivered aid to 6 migrant facilities within a week - Collage

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