FC Shakhtar sent a cargo of food products for the needs of the defenders of Ukraine.

The humanitarian aid includes food and water. The list of necessary items was approved in coordination with representatives of the Armed Forces.

On Wednesday June 22, they forwarded a batch of humanitarian goods from Kyiv to one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. FC Shakhtar staff including the team footballer Heorhii Sudakov took part in loading it.

Let us remind you that since February 24, SCM businesses, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and Shakhtar football club have provided over UAH 2.4 billion or about $80 million in aid to Ukraine and Ukrainians, with the amount increasing daily. The humanitarian aid has already reached three million people.


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Shift 360 battles fear with love and care by helping Shakhtar Social Foundation welcoming Ukrainians, internally displaced people (IDPs), mothers, children, and young girls are fleeing, scared and afraid (because of war) in shelters, providing warmth, food, and medicines in Shelter Centre.

We are not afraid to meet them, help them and share our humanity. We are not scared to give!


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